We Strive for


of your business

Your digital future starts with us now …

We Strive for the development of your business.

Your digital future starts with us now..

We Provide you with the latest tech-powered digital transformation

According to the kingdom’s Vision 2030, saferoad has expanded its business to include the Digital Solutions line, to provide an integrated experience of digital solutions for the growth and prosperity of businesses in the fields of web design, digital marketing, and advertising campaigns management.

Our Services

We are providing all the necessary Services with detailed strategies to ensure your success according to specific and professional criteria.

Website Development

Your website is your open portal to the public all the time, it is a very professional basis for your project whatever its activity.

Mobile App Development

The mobile application has become one of the effective marketing tools used in advertising your project.

E-Commerce Website Development

Changing the concept of Commerce from a store full of goods to an online store open throughout the day saves you time and effort.

Advertising Campaigns Management

Reaching your customers and increasing the percentage of sales may be difficult at first, but here, we got you covered.

Brand Visual Identity Design

Identity creates a state of trust between you and the customer to shape the customer’s perception of the service you provide.

Employee Hosting

We provide an employee hosting service to help you operate your business, without worrying about selecting incompetent employees.

Saferoad System Virtual Operator Agent

We assign a virtual technical support administrator to your saferoad system, Providing constant support to your fleet.

Build Your Entire Visual Identity

A dedicated team to meet all the needs of your project

Diversified and specialized packages to suit your needs

24/7 technical support service

A successful team

Is the Core

Our team of experts always strives to provide the best quality of services to keep your business developing, providing all the necessary information with detailed strategies to ensure your success according to the specified criteria. These famous quotes are the source of inspiration for every team at digital solutions:

we seek to grow and develop your business

Through our services, we seek to grow and develop your business by increasing your brand awareness to reach the best results and sales using the latest digital solutions.

Start building your

brand with us

Corporate Web Development

Creative Web Design

Up to 20 E-Mails

Domain booking and hosting for one year

Up to 30 pages

Content management system

SEO search engine configuration

Multi-lingual website Accessibility

Free technical support for a month

Website compatibility with all browsers

Live chat System

Visual Identity Package

Set a unified message for your brand to deliver to your customer

Design your brand logo

Business cards

Promotional catalog

Multi-size Communication papers

Advertising Flyer

Posting template for social media pages

Website interface

Email signature

ID printing instructions file

Social Media Management

15 Posts

15 Creative designs

Complete + optimize page data

Analysis of competitors

Targeted market Research

Set a strategy that suits the company's objectives

Identify the targeted audience

Determine the marketing budget

Follow up and modify advertising campaigns when needed

Detailed campaign performance report

Posting on various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

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