10 Marketing Tools You Must Have

As the field of digital marketing progress over time, various marketing tools have appeared that are mainly concerned with enabling you to get the most benefit from investing your valuable time by scheduling recurring tasks, collecting data to analyze your advertising campaigns, helping you organize, and plan your marketing activities.

In your business you will definitely need a good marketing strategy and access to the best marketing tools available today, so we are here to help you identify the top 10 indispensable marketing tools in your field, each of these tools will help you get the competitive advantage you seek.

Now let’s check these tools:

1. MailChimp

With over 12 million customers, MailChimp has established itself as one of the best email marketing service providers and digital marketing tools in the world.

While there are a number of alternatives, MailChimp however offers a free plan that fits lots of businesses with less than 2000 subscribers, and they represent a very good start if your business consists of a small niche that doesn`t have a large base of customers.

2. HubSpot

It is a comprehensive marketing software solution that enables you to combine all your different marketing channels, optimizing them for the best results, as it secures your marketing path.

When it comes to marketing, sales and CRM software, HubSpot has become one of the best tools ever used.

With this software, you can access tools that help you: manage your marketing process from content management, social media, to email marketing and collecting customer data while urging them to make a purchase.

With everything you need in one place, this will help you achieve success and grow steadily in your business.

3. Google Analytics

It is a completely free tool that provides valuable analytics and insights about your website visitors and how they interact with your site, giving you a specific overview of what your customers want and are looking for with an overview of their overall identity.

It’s also best to pair Google Analytics with “Google Search Console” – another free digital marketing tool that helps you identify any problems on your site, optimize traffic, and sends special notifications to your email when you find any problem.

4. Ahrefs

Modern SEO practices focus on understanding the goal of searching for keywords that you can rank for while building relevant backlinks.

Now, even with a large database of incredible tools, Ahrefs is an essential SEO tool for many digital marketers.

It enables you to perform competitive analysis and view keywords that contribute to your competition ranking, with ranking tracking to monitor your performance over time, besides a content exploration tool to help you stay in the lead.

5. HootSuite

You know, you always have to maintain your presence on social media to be able to compete in the market, and if you already started writing content on social media, you’re probably aware that it can be a major reason for spending so much time, so it’s important to realize the importance of HootSuite.

Hootsuite provides a centralized management platform for all your social media channels and allows you to pre-schedule posts so you can process social media content for the coming weeks in one session.

You can also get feature reports and track publications to see which media work best for you and fits your marketing objectives.

6. Colibri

Lots of customers make many conversations about what they need, and your task is to find those conversations and see what they think. Which you can easily do by collecting a list of conversations, engage in discussion with your customers, and respond to them in the most appropriate way.

For example, if you are selling sports gadgets, Colibri will collect a list of conversations about what is happening now with sports gadgets in various social media and blogs, and constantly prepare a list of what you are required to do to your customers online, as answering a question, which keeps you informed about everything that is on the minds of customers…

7. KISSMatrics

This tool relies on analysis and helps you understand and improve the metrics that drive your business, it collects information to enable you to make the best decisions using KISSMatrics, you will be able to easily know what works and what doesn’t in all your campaigns and track the reasons to make the best decision.

8. BuzzSumo

In order to define your content strategy, you need to take care of covering topics that you think your audience will interact with, which is why more than 60% of the most successful brands have a documented content strategy.

This is where BuzzSumo comes along as it helps you do your research correctly, by displaying trending content across social media based on the topics you’ve been searching for, giving you clear ideas for the topics you want to write about as well as providing tools for content analysis.

9. Adobe Sign

Under the current circumstances, many people work remotely, which can lead to delays in signatures and can cause customer frustration which affects the workflow, and in marketing specifically, you need to be quick making decisions and start implementing.

So, when we talk about the indispensable marketing tools, we have to talk about Adobe Sign, it is an electronic signature service that saves your time, it enables you to get signatures using an automated signature system, in addition to that it enables you to send and sign documents in addition to signing and managing the entire process electronically.

10. Hello Bar

It is a tool that you can easily plug into any site to display a pop-up window or capture a full-page and convert site visitors to customers, all you have to do is to create user-generated phrases to take a specific action using Hello Bar, and it will show it to all your visitors in the pages you select, you can use this tool to collect your customers’ data effectively or offer a discount to your visitors.


This was a set of marketing tools that support you in your path, and offer you different strategies to succeed in reaching your marketing goals and enhancing your brand presence without losing any time or effort.


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