Here`s What You Need to Know About SEO

With so many SEO techniques in place, it has become almost impossible to determine which methods to adhere to.

Is link building effective? Should you devote your time and energy to on-page SEO? How do you write a title tag to increase your ranking using search engines?

Search engine optimization is now more complicated than ever, where a huge amount of information about this concept is enough to make you feel lost.

it takes more than just creating links and outdated content while adding some keywords to improve search rankings, so let’s help you understand what you need.

Let’s begin with a simple definition.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO), is the process of optimizing your website to improve your ranking in search results, and getting more traffic to your website organically.

The idea of SEO goes back to the 1990s when search engines first appeared with the advent of the internet.

 Nowadays, it is considered one of the most important marketing strategies that companies rely on to reach their target audience.

Although Search Engine Optimization is short for “SEO”, it is more about people’s behavior than it is about search engines, it is about: understanding what users are looking for on the internet, the answers they seek, the words they use in their search, and the type of content they need.

Unpaid Organic Search Results

Search results that appear to the user as a result of the use of effective SEO techniques.

overtime, the way results are displayed on search engines has changed, as today’s search results pages contain more ads as well as dynamic natural search results characteristic in addition to organic search results.

Examples of dynamic search results include the Snippets or answer boxes that appear as an answer to your question at the top of the search page within a box, called the relevant results section.

How Do Search Engines Work?

In simple steps, search engines consist of 4 main steps which are:

– Crawl: is to define your page within the web.

– Indexing: it is based on dividing pages into categories, and index them by google on the web.

– Selection of results: This is the step that is done when searching for specific keywords.

… Finally, the most important step is to display the search results to the user.

You don’t need to know all the factors and algorithms used by Google to rank your website, but you need to cover the main points of search engine optimization in order to succeed in your optimization.

The most important SEO factors

There are three main aspects of SEO:

1-technical aspects: we need to cover all technical aspects, often referred to as technical SEO or on the page.

2-rich content: the content represents the largest share of the basis of your site, low quality content means you are out of the category it’s as simple as that.

3-high-quality links: links add credibility and weight to your site the more links between your site articles and high-trust sites this will help you a lot to gain the trust of your customers and site visitors.

What Is The Difference Between On-Page And Off-Page SEO?

On-page and off-page terms classify SEO activities, on-page SEO is all you can do on your site, from content optimization to technical aspects.

Such as keyword search, content, page performance, title tag optimization, and other technical aspects.

Off-page SEO is related to obtaining high-quality backlinks to show your site credibility and authority, and there are several ways that can help you build the links we will discuss in another article in detail.

Always remember that a successful SEO strategy consists of SEO activities on and off the page.

Is Speed A Critical Factor In SEO?

In the past, the slowness of your website was somewhat predictable, but with modern developments, the user’s awareness and standards changed, so the slowness of your website is not acceptable anymore, as the user now expects you to provide an easy-to-use experience based primarily on speed.

Speed plays a key role in the SEO equation as a slow website can easily cause customers to change their minds about buying your product, with statistics showing that a delay of just one second at the time of page loading can lead to a conversion loss of up to 7%.

What Does The Term White Hat Vs. Black Hat Means?

You use these two words to describe two groups of SEO-those who adhere to the rules set out in the guidelines for optimization methods and those who do not… The white hat refers to all SEO techniques that adhere to the prescribed standards and guidelines. 

It may be a long-term strategy but achieves impressive results in ranking and contributes to connecting customers to your site more as it acts as a separate marketing channel in its own way at this point.

On the other hand, Black Hat is based on a set of unethical practices to improve website rankings.

Indeed, these methods can reach the top of search results in a short time, but this does not last, search engines punish and block the offending websites, and we certainly do not want that to happen.


Just remember that you need to focus on enriching your content regularly, choose keywords that enable you to compete, taking your site speed and technical aspects into consideration, and don’t forget that external links help to increase the strength of your site.

SEO is now a science on its own, and it takes some time for its results to appear, but if you can realize what you need you will be able to easily raise your site’s rating, reach your potential customers, and multiply your profits.


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