Advertising Campaigns Management

What is Advertising campaigns management?

Reaching your customers and increasing the percentage of sales may be difficult at first, but, with our new social media management service, you will be able to achieve the highest results with ease without having to worry about competitors or spending lots of money.

Available platforms

Social Media


Google Ads

Market your products and increase your profits now through social media platforms

a comprehensive study of the market, competitors, and determining the target audience

We make a detailed study of the market with an analysis of competitors and their status, identifying strengths and weaknesses through learning from their experiences.

Define a detailed strategy for managing advertising campaigns

In addition to determining posts, designs, and the tone for approaching the clients, we create innovative ideas for campaigns, and we develop budgeted detailed report for advertising campaigns based on the marketing plan.

Periodic follow-up reports

Follow up campaigns results and modify ads constantly to ensure the highest outcomes, we also send detailed reports in the end of each month for all the advertising campaigns results.

What does “Digital Solutions” offer in Advertising Campaigns Management?

At first, it was limited to the quality of the advertising content.

Today, with many competitors, the focus is on the social media management strategy as a whole while adding value to the customer.

We study customer behavior and needs, build a comprehensive picture of your goals so that we can finally achieve your campaign goals and achieve the best results without wasting your budget.

Steps to Manage

Your Campaign


Identify your goals

In this step, we aim to clearly define your marketing goals and study the market thoroughly to develop a marketing strategy that suits your needs.


Analysis of competitors

We analyze your competitors, identify your strengths, position your competitive advantage and identify all aspects to add value to the customer through our services and products.


Develop a strategy

In this stage, we begin to identify the target audience and their attitudes, plus create a clear strategy.


Publishing and managing

We implement a monthly deployment plan and monitor customer interaction, developing and implementing an ad campaign plan, monitoring performance, and modifying when needed.


Periodic performance reports

We provide periodic reports to monitor the performance of campaigns and developments in different social media platforms.

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