Brand Visual Identity Design

What is Brand Visual Identity design?

Identity creates a state of trust between you and the customer and contributes, to shaping the customer’s perception of the service you provide, in addition to setting their expectations of service, quality, and trustworthiness, so the visibility of visual identity and the constant care to show it in the best form can’t be neglected.

Your visual identity reflects the nature and quality of your work

A team of professional designers

We offer you a dedicated team of professional designers who work for you and highlight your brand name.

An illustrative integrated vision of your brand

Develop an integrated vision with ideas that suit the nature of the market and business activity to come up with a professional visual identity with the best quality.

Full visual identity

Includes ” logo, Company file, card, folder, paper, correspondence, brochure, catalog, notebook, etc.”

What Does “Digital Solutions” Offer in Visual Identity Design?

At digital solutions, we care about the power of your visual identity and work with the best professional designers to ensure quality, innovation and excellence.

Steps to Design

Visual Identity


Logo Vision

Our goal here is to define the vision of the logo and communicate the message to customers through the brand.


Choose colors & suggestions

Review the appropriate colors palette that reflects the vision of the logo with the presentation of a set of proposals that shapes the idea.


Implementation & amendment

The sample design is executed, and the selected sample is printed, with the possibility of adjustment at this stage.



At this stage the logo is executed on the selected set of visual identity.

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