Employee Hosting

What is Employee Hosting?

At digital solutions, we provide an employee hosting service to help you operate your business and reach your goals, without worrying about selecting incompetent employees, we enable you to access the skills your business needs with ease while reducing your ongoing investment in internal infrastructure to focus your investments on Business Development and increasing activities.

Hosting staff from the latest digital solutions with proven effectiveness

We hire the most skilled professionals

To ensure increased productivity, we recruit a selection of the best professionals in various fields (digital marketing, data entry, technical support, graphic design).

Follow up on employee performance and ensure effectiveness

At lower costs you can stop worrying about getting your business done or not, we follow the employee’s performance and make sure he is focused on the company’s vision and the completion of the specific tasks assigned.

Periodic follow-up reports

We provide periodic follow-up reports to monitor the employee’s pace of work and clearly judge the progress of the business.

What Does “Digital Solutions” Offer in Employee Hosting?

There is no successful project without the use of competencies that do business professionally, so we provide you with a selection of the best-experienced employees in different disciplines to perform the business that your business needs, we save you the cost while ensuring work efficiency.

Steps to Host

an Employee


Identify Required Job Position

We aim to clearly identify the assigned tasks and develop a detailed job description, study the best available possibilities, and reach the desired goals.


Choose the right employee

This step aims to select the right employee to perform the required tasks efficiently without any delays.


Assessment and training

In this step, we evaluate the appropriate employee and conduct tests according to the specific area while training him to perform his work as efficiently as possible.


Periodic monitoring and follow-ups

This step focuses on following the progress of the employee in each specialty and measuring the execution of assigned tasks as required with continuous follow-ups.

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