Saferoad System Virtual Operator Agent

What is Virtual Administative Service?

We assign a virtual technical support administrator to your saferoad system, we recognize that your business needs constant support to follow your fleet،

We strive to provide this digital service to the fullest by providing technical support and general fault maintenance on a daily basis.

Always upon your service

Solve all technical problems

The virtual administrator’s work aims to provide solutions to technical problems with the initiative to develop various solutions to ensure the continuity of the workflow.

The latest modern technologies

Systems are constantly updated and installed according to available operating systems.

Test and inspect applications according to safe road system

Periodic inspection of applications is carried out to ensure that they work according to the safe and complete road system.

What Does Digital Solutions Offer in The Saferoad System Virtual Administrative service?

We offer you the service of the virtual supervisor over safe road system, where the work of the virtual administrator is to follow up and supervise the fleet management system of your vehicles to ensure that the system works as planned and efficiently.

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